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July 1-8
Conference Program

Click here to see a detailed Conference Schedule.

We are currently developing the program to begin Saturday July 1st in the evening.  A specific program will be published in time, but generally speaking each day will begin with breakfast from 7:00-8:00 AM and will end at 11:00 PM with lights-out.  Each day will be full of activities, including ceremonies, workshops, lectures, project presentations, field trips, meals, and other conference related activities.  

Field Trips

We are working to schedule of variety of field trips.  Each field trip location will be connected with the theme of the conference:  Following Nature's Design, and the sub-themes:  Food Systems, Natural Resource Management, and Sustainable Design.  We also hope to provide authentic cultural experiences that include fun, play, and shopping.  We are planning to visit Oregon State University's Wave & Tsunami Research Center and School of Engineering. The beautiful Oregon Cascade Mountain Range is also on the is to visit and may include a trip to Oregon's highest volcanic peak:  Mount Hood.  

Guest Speakers and Dignitaries
Guest Speakers

Coming soon.



Coming soon.

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