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July 1-8

July 1-8, 2017

Salem, Oregon U.S.A.

Goals of the Conference

CEI 2017 is designed to achieve a number of goals:

  • To develop environmental awareness and knowledge.

  • To help youngsters in every culture develop as stewards and citizens.

  • To understand and respect various cultures and be able to work hand in hand in spite of cultural differences.

  • To share with each other environmental concerns and develop through discussion practical solutions.

  • To provide innovative solutions to environmental challenges while recognizing and following nature's design.

  • To develop partnerships within respective communities to enhance the capacities of each organization.

  • To practice advocacy and learning how to effectively engage in dialogue with a variety of stakeholders.

Participants of CEI 2017 will be engaged in workshops, presentations, fieldtrips, and other activities that promote the conference's theme and goals.

  1. Participants must be between 14 and 19 years old.

  2. All delegations of secondary students shall be accompanied by an adult (over 21; teacher or counselor).  Male and female chaperones are required for mixed groups.  Please respect the maximum 1:6 adult to youth ratio.  This is stated for liability reasons. 

  3. Delegates should have a level of English that will allow them to fully participate in the conference.

  4. The conference certificate will only be awarded to those who actively participate in all the activities of the conference program.

  5. You must register online.

  6. Registration fee includes food and accommodation on the days of the conference and all the activities of the program.

  7. All delegates must be covered by insurance during the conference. Each delegate is responsible for their own insurance.

  8. Before the conference, the delegations must participate in a project on the theme of the conference and prepare an oral presentation to present at the conference; the different subthemes can be found on the webpage, as well as other links to inspire you for your projects.

Eligibility of Participants to the CEI 2017 Conference
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