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July 1-8

Registration Information


Registration Closes:  April 15th

Payment Due:  April 18th

Here is a link to information you can begin collecting before you begin to officially register.    Registration Information


How to Register for the CEI Conference

When you click on the link, it will take you to the online registration form.  Select one of the external providers to log in.  If you do not have one of those 8 accounts, you will need to go to Google or Yahoo and make one so that you can register.

Please note:  only the Team Leader of your group should register.  Team Leaders will register everyone that will be coming in your group including other adults and students. 

While registering, us the green "Next" button to move to the next page as you complete the information for each tab.  Please answer all questions completely for each person  You will not be able to move on to submit the registration in any information is missing.  (Use the Registration Information link above to help you gather all required information.)

After you submit the registration, it will await approval from the conference coordinators.  When you are approved, you will receive an email with information on how to pay by either credit card online, or by wire transfer.  Note:  No Registration is complete without payment.

CEI 2017 Wire Transfer Information


Beneficiary Name:  Oregon State Treasury


Bank Name and Address:  US Bank

                                                   302 State St

                                                    Salem, OR 97301


Bank Routing Number:  123000220

Bank Account Number:  153695031051


Purpose or Description:  TEX 454 TCSP CEI OSU Marion County Extension

                                                       (very important to include the above information)

Delegation Registration Guidelines

Each delegation must register in order to participate in CEI 2017.  Below are some preliminary guidelines for all delegations to follow and are subject to change: 

  • Each delegation should be 2-4 student delegates and no more than 2 adult delegates.  Countries can have multiple delegations, but should develop separate projects.  Chaperone gender must match the gender of the youth.  In others words if you have male students, you need a male chaperone and vice versa with females.  

  • Adult Delegates:  It is our goal to have all adults accompany youth with a project.  If you would like to attend as a "professional" without youth, you will need to provide a compelling reason for attending the conference without student delegates.

  • Each delegation must complete our online registration form (available February 2017) containing information about the delegation.  

  • Registration will not be final until fees are paid.

  • For Invitation Letters:  If you require a letter of invitation for Visa purposes, please let us know right away so we can assist you with that process and get it started early.

  • Registration Fee:  $445 per person (400 Euro) with standard accommodations (1-2 bedroom units and shared bathroom facility)  Single Bedrooms (for adults/educators only) with semi-private bath and shared kitchen will be $545 per person (500 Euro).

  • Pre- and Post- Conference lodging:  We will have lodging available on  Friday June 30th and Saturday July 8 to accommodate delegation travel plans.  Dormitory rooms are $35 per night per person and Lodge rooms for adults only will be $65 per person per night.

  • Pre-Conference Project Information:  Each delegation must send us a 1-2 page synopsis or project summary by April 1st.  This project summary should include delegation research, description of the delegations actions to solve the problem/challenge/issue, and partnership information.  In addition, please send 1 photo of the group (group photo can include others supporting delegation's efforts) and 3-5 photos of project work.

  • Final Project Information --  please submit the following information:

    • By Friday, May 26:  2-3 page project report.  This should include the research, description of what the delegations did, partnership information, and a brief reflection on how you feel your project is progressing.

    • By Friday, May 26:  Photos of Project Work.  Please submit at least 10 photos of your delegations project efforts and 1 delegation group photo.

    • By Friday, May 26:  Project Hours.  Please provide us with an estimate of the total number of hours all individuals spent working on their projects.  We'd like to tally the total number of service hours completed by all delegations.

    • Upon Arrival:  Be prepared to provide your delegation presentation.  Please consider using Google Drive - Google Slides.

  • Flight Information:  As soon as your travel plans are made, please provide us with carrier information, flight number, and arrival/departure times.  The closest International Airport is in Portland, Oregon (PDX).  We will not be able to provide transportation services from any other airport, like Seattle-Tacoma, San Francisco, etc.)  We will have transportation options for you once you arrive into Portland, Oregon.  Portland is about one hour north of Salem - the conference site.  Portland International Airport has non-stop flights from Tokyo, Amsterdam daily and some days per week from Paris.  International flights to Las Vegas may be priced competitively, but require about a 2 hour additional flight to Portland, Oregon.  (More info under Accommodations Tab)

  • Other Travel Options from Portland International Airport:  There is an AmTrak Train Station in Portland that passes through Salem.  Also, consider using Greyhound Bus services.  You may need to take a taxi to the closest bus or train terminal.

If you have any questions, please send your inquiry to  

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