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Caretakers of the Environment International


What is CEI?

CEI (Caretakers of the Environment International) is an international organization that focuses on raising awareness of environmental problems by empowering youth with the knowledge of these problems. Students develop environmental projects in teams, and attend an conference to present them to other students from around the world. These students also work on improving their teamwork and leadership skills.

Our Goals

  • To develop environmental awareness and knowledge.

  • To help youngsters in every culture develop as stewards and citizens.

  • To understand and respect various cultures and be able to work hand in hand in spite of cultural differences.

  • To share with each other environmental concerns and develop through discussion practical solutions.

  • To provide innovative solutions to environmental challenges while recognizing and following nature's design.

  • To develop partnerships within respective communities to enhance the capacities of each organization.

  • To practice advocacy and learning how to effectively engage in dialogue with a variety of stakeholders.

How To Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with CEI.

  • Donate to help support CEI USA.

  • If you are a teacher or educator, and you are interested in starting your own delegation, contact us using the page at the top.

  • If you are a student or parent who would like to get involved, see if there is a delegation nearby. If not, try to find a teacher who would be willing to run a delegation.

Our Work

Beyond annual engagement with USA delegations – youth ages 13-19 and their adult educators -  attending the annual International Caretakers Conferences, we have been continuing to engage youth, especially underserved youth, here at home, in helping them develop and implement a profound sense of personal and civic connection to their environment.

Nature in the City Day Camp

We piloted our first summer session Nature Camp at Adam Stephens Middle School in Salem. This school, the largest and most economically disadvantaged in Oregon, has an impressive record of high student achievement.  But inner-city youth have limited exposure to authentic natural experiences.  In many instances, their outdoor school experiences may have been as simplistic as a half day field trip. Consequently, they have likely not yet developed that personal understanding or connection to the challenges of sustaining the natural environment in an urban setting. How can one become passionate about something without having an authentic experience?

Restoration Projects

Pictures speak louder than words in telling the story of hands-on service learning, team problem-solving and the personal sense of accomplishment and skill building that happens even after only one day event. Authentic work experience, making a difference, and a sustained sense of appreciation are only a few of the catalysts that help form a passion and conviction of helping our planet.

Next Project:  Pringle Creek Restoration at Leslie Middle School

This ambitious project of more than 1100 feet of Pringle Creek entangled with invasives but rich in natives and water life has been delayed due to the pandemic. We will be working with the 24J School District Grounds Maintenance, City of Salem Water Management and Marion Soil and Water Conservation District that not only engages their students but also the  school catchment community in this multi-year project

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